Testing, Maintenance & Servicing

In-accordance with the Building Code of Australia - Essential Services Act we provide regular servicing and inspection of all associated fire protection systems and equipment in accordance with current Australian Standards, as well as a Certificate of (compliance submitted to the relevant Councils on your behalf yearly.

Smoke and Thermal Alarm Systems

Safe Fire Electrical provides maintenance service for commercial smoke & fire detection systems. In accordance with Australian Standards 1851, fire alarm systems are required to be inspected on a monthly basis. An annual inspection and test of a percentage of smoke & thermal detectors is also required. This ascertains that the detection and early warning systems are functional.

Fire extinguishers

All fire extinguishers are required to be regularly tested, maintained and serviced in accordance with Australian Standard 1851. Our experienced technicians can perform routine scheduled maintenance and testing of your fire extinguishers to check that they are functioning correctly and are appropriate for your fire risks. 

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