About Our Fire Safety Services

It doesn't matter whether you have a single extinguisher or you have a large commercial or industrial site - Safe Fire Electrical can take care of your fire safety requirements.

Occupiers of commercial properties are required to maintain all of their Essential Safety equipment in accordance with local and national regulations. Safe Fire can take this problem away for you and ensure you stay fully compliant at all times. We will prepare itemised Equipment Registers for your firefighting and Exit/Emergency Light systems plus providing you with your annual Certificate of Compliance - all free of charge as part of our service.


All routine mandatory inspections and tests are carried out in accordance with relevant Australian standards and local regulations. Our testing personnel are all qualified tradesmen.

  • Automatic Fire Detection and Occupant warning Systems (Smoke and Heat Detectors) - Monthly tests and an Annual test and inspection.
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (Evacuation Systems) - Monthly tests and an Annual test and inspection.
  • Sprinkler/Hydrant Systems - either weekly tests or, if your system is eligible, monthly, 6 monthly and annual tests. Ask us how you can save money today on Sprinkler System testing.
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment (extinguishers) - 6 monthly and annual inspections.
  • Fire Hose Reels - 6 monthly and annual tests and inspections
  • Exit/Emergency Lighting systems - 6 monthly and annual tests and inspections including 90min battery discharge tests.
  • Fire doors - Passive Compartmentation, FIre Mode tests and inspections.
  • Fire Safety Reports - We offer a full report on the status of your fire equipment, detailing service levels undertaken for individual items and any subsequent defects.
  • Training - Ensuring personnel and visitors swift evacuation is the first and most important step in ensuring nil casualties in an emergency. This training is a result of well-planned and implemented procedures; we can assist you in this program.

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Minor Works

DId you know you are not obligated to use your Inspection & Testing provider for repairs and minor works? For a competitive quote contact us today.

24/7 Emergency call-out Service

Safe Fire Electrical provides peace of mind emergency breakdown assistance 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Ring our After Hours Emergency Call-Out Service on 8352 8620.